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    Repair Center  Quick Fix: How to Replace the Base Assembly on a Bosch 1587avs Jigsaw

    Why Read This Article?

    • A damaged jigsaw base assembly can hurt performance. Repair it and get your saw cutting like new.?

    Article Breakdown

    Repair Information:
    Difficulty: Easy
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Frequency: As needed
    Replacing the Base Assembly:
    1. Remove the base assembly.
    2. Assemble the new shoe.
    3. Install the base assembly on the saw.


    Tools & Materials

    • Flat-head screwdriver
    • Allen wrench

    Quick Fix: How to Replace the Base Assembly on a Bosch 1587avs Jigsaw

    This article outlines the steps needed to replace the base shoe on a Bosch 1587avs jigsaw.?

    The base assembly on a Bosch 1587avs jigsaw is a pretty sturdy part--until you accidentally drop your tool. If you do drop the saw--and let's face it, we've all dropped tools--then you may end up with a bent base and a saw with diminished performance. Luckily for you, replacing the base is an easy repair. And this article will make it even easier.

    Remember to use our Bosch parts finder to find the base shoe--and other OEM Bosch parts--made specifically for your saw.
    Replacing the Base Assembly

    1. Remove the base assembly

    Remove the screw that secures the base assembly to the saw. This will free up the base plate and clamping piece.


    2. Assemble the new shoe

    The new base-plate shoe does not include the sub-base piece, so you will need to remove it.


    Install the old sub-base on your new shoe.


    3. Install the base assembly on the saw

    Set the clamping piece into position with the bevels facing down against the shoe.


    Put the screw in place, then set the assembly onto the saw and tighten the screw.

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    And that's how you can replace the base assembly on your Bosch 1587avs jigsaw in about 10 minutes using only an Allen wrench and flat-head screwdriver.
    Remember to use our power tool parts finder to find parts for your Bosch tools and all your other tools as well.

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